Free community college for students? Maybe not. Maybe with strings.

FREE COMMUNITY COLLEGE FOR STUDENTS? MAYBE NOT. Maybe with strings attached. Further to the Obama idea of providing free education to college students,  Carol J. Carter has some excellent points in The Huffington Post. The piece was co-written by Sarah Lyman Kravits and Maureen Breeze. The … [Read more...]

College Dropout Rates in the U.S. are bad

College Dropout Rates in the U.S. are bad and there is no hope in sight for many. BUT THERE IS FOR YOU  Jordan Weissman, writing in Slate gives us an update on America's awful college dropout rates. It's something I've been writing about a lot here, on Dropout to Dean's List. The research is from … [Read more...]


DROPOUT TO DEAN'S LIST A DIVISION OF SELF-KNOWLEDGE COLLEGE ( Note: we are in the middle of changing this page. The gift I promise you will be available asap as soon as we integrate it with this page.)   My name is Frank Daley If you have a problem with school  that is driving you crazy... If … [Read more...]

20 ways parents can identify “at-risk” students

At risk students--20 ways parents can identify them. NOTE: This is appearing shortly after the suicide of Robin Williams. SELF-HARM Not all at-risk students are at-risk of self-harm or suicide but there are connections and similarities. And one in five students DO harm themselves. This is … [Read more...]

Why are Fewer U.S. H.S. Grads Opting for College?

Fewer high school graduates are opting for college these days. Why? Here's a good piece on the subject by Floyd Norris writing in The New York Times. Read More   No college? If you are having trouble deciding whether to go to college or university, email me and we'll discuss it (no … [Read more...]

Profs. and college success. Get it at Dropout to Dean’s List

Professors & college success Prof. problems?  Get straight at Dropout to Dean's List. There are many things that contribute  to success in college. The chief one is Self-Knowledge. Others include freedom from financial stress, a well-prepared academic base, learning skills, … [Read more...]

How “non-rich” people can go to college

How "poor" people can go to college. The headline writer for this piece by Morgan Housel, in the Motley Fool (USA Today), uses the term "non-rich" in the headline. Trying not to to offend anyone, I guess, but it's actually accurate because these days you almost need to be rich to go to … [Read more...]

The Over-Praise Dilemma: When Complimenting Kids Actually Holds Them Back

This study is new but it only confirms what we knew long ago. Many parents over-praise their kids activities to the detriment of the child's self-esteem. Across playgrounds, schoolyards and classrooms, it is common to hear well-intentioned parents, caregivers and teachers heap high praise on … [Read more...]

Google hires, college and you. An unusal mix

Google hires, college and you. Why Google hires people who may not have gone to college and if they did, they didn't "ace" it. Do you have to go to college to succeed? NO. Not always. But it is a credentialist society and it can't hurt with companies that are unimaginative. And in some fields … [Read more...]

Colleges help students get started in careers

Colleges  and universities help students get started in careers. The job market stinks for grads but many colleges and universities n0w offer assistance to students so they can get a glimpse of "the real world."                                                                         (Pawel … [Read more...]