Hi, folks... here's a free surprise! This is a magazine published by Books Go Social, a Dublin-based site for writers and readers, Your Secret Library.  It is pretty good!  I'm on pg. 30 with my article Booked (which you might already have).  I also have A SHORT STORY ABOUT … [Read more...]


BOOK PROMOS  (as at Nov 6, 2016) WHAT’S YOUR PROBLEM? WHAT’S YOUR PROBLEM? No, Really, What IS Your Problem? The Sherlock Holmes Guide to Problem Identification. Often we say we 'can't' solve an emotionally-charged problem we have.  It frequently involves a delicate subject with an … [Read more...]

Self-Knowledge College: WHAT’S COMING! (Part 1 of 2)

Self-Knowledge College:  WHAT'S COMING!   Yesterday, I told you about my house move and explained why I haven’t been posting for months. Today, I’ll tell you what’s coming to Self-Knowledge College. I’ll address the most difficult problems people are suffering from. In two … [Read more...]


SELF-KNOWLEDGE COLLEGE IS ABOUT YOU. There are three things that trouble people most these days: SELF (figuring out who they are and what they want) TIME (and time management) and LOVE (or the lack of it). Our readers on The Daley Post tell us, and our own research confirms, that while other … [Read more...]

Dropout to Dean’s List–What’s Coming! Life Purpose (Part 1)

DROPOUT TO DEAN'S LIST--WHAT'S  COMING (Part 1) Life Purpose The other day, I told you about my house move and explained why I haven’t been posting for months. We moved house and city, and it took almost forever! We are still renovating. I’m trying to get back to normal; but, for example, we have … [Read more...]

How to promote your book. Free book, free process!

FREE UNTIL JAN 30TH ON AMAZON! Writers, here's my book on how to promote your work free on Facebook author and reader group sites. The book is free. The process is free and it's stress-free! OK, you have to do a little work!   But all it takes is your time to promote your … [Read more...]


This is Part 10 in a series of articles about the “self.” YOU HAVE POTENCY. ARE YOU GOING TO ACT? Do you remember in the “olden days” of the internet when someone messaged you, the computer “Dinged” and said cheerfully, “You’ve got MAIL!!”? Do you remember in the "olden days" of the internet … [Read more...]

The Self, Part 9: Whatever you do, don’t be yourself!

Don't be yourself, whatever you do.  This is Part 9 in a series of articles about the "Self." Some years ago, I saw a funny New Yorker cartoon. A middle aged-couple is standing in front of the door to a house. They have arrived at a friend’s house for dinner. He is about to knock and the wife says … [Read more...]

The Self Part 8: Singer Sarah Slean knows who she is

  NO 5  in our series on the SELF. SARAH SLEAN--THE GIRL KNOWS WHAT SHE WANTS! Sarah Slean is a Canadian songwriter/singer who knows who she is and what she wants. She wants to continue to compose songs, sing them and study everything in the world for the rest of her life. She is a … [Read more...]

The Self Part 7: Are you “selfish” in the family? Or preserving your sanity.

ARE YOU SELFISH OR SANE? Is it selfish or sane to ever consider yourself ahead of  your family? (This is no 7 in our series on SELF.) The last time we tried to define selfishness. Today, we’ll look at what some people say is selfish behavior  in the family. Is  your behavior in your family … [Read more...]