CURSE of the Ottawa–a gift to welcome you to my fiction site–a short story

  Curse of the Ottawa, a free story for you!   Dear friends,  You may be familiar with my work on Self-Knowledge College where I help people know themselves better, or from Dropout to Dean’s List, where I help at-risk students become stronger academically and personally, or from my books on … [Read more...]

Malcolm Gladwell Is America’s Best-Paid Fairy-Tale Writer

"Malcolm Gladwell Is America's Best-Paid Fairy-Tale Writer The heavily-footnoted uplift of 'David and Goliath"' Malcolm Gladwell, the Canadian New Yorker columnist and author, has written several best-selling books and is profiled by John Gray in The New Republic. Grey reflects some of the … [Read more...]


SELF-KNOWLEDGE COLLEGE PRESS OUR BOOKS  and publications--SO FAR! WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? The way to know yourself and get what you want.  That's not a question for you regarding this page. It's a question for you regarding your life. And it's the title of my book--WAY, for … [Read more...]