CURSE of the Ottawa–a gift to welcome you to my fiction site–a short story

The Curse of the Ottawa, a free story for you!   Dear friends,  You may be familiar with my work on Self-Knowledge College where I help people know themselves better, or from Dropout to Dean’s List, where I help at-risk students become stronger academically and personally, or from my books on … [Read more...]

Curse of the Ottawa: A free paranormal short story for you!

 Curse of the Ottawa! A Free short story: HERE’S A WELCOME GIFT TO MY AUTHOR PAGE! Hi folks! As a subscriber to either Self-Knowledge College or Dropout to Dean's List  (or both), you are familiar with some of my non-fiction writing and maybe one or two of my books. As you know, I have written … [Read more...]

eBook, What’s Your Problem? No, really, what IS your problem? Available on Amazon

What's your problem? NO, really, what IS your problem? Get your copy TODAY! Have you ever tried to solve a problem and you simply “can’t” do it? Doesn't it drive you crazy? You lose sleep, worry, and get frustrated and anxious because the problem really needs to be solved but you simply can’t … [Read more...]