The Self Part 8: Singer Sarah Slean knows who she is


Sara Slean

Sara Slean

NO 5  in our series on the SELF.


Sarah Slean is a Canadian songwriter/singer who knows who she is and what she wants. She wants to continue to compose songs, sing them and study everything in the world for the rest of her life.

She is a beautiful, talented and unusual composer and performer who found herself at sea about some years ago regarding what she was doing with her career.

Slean was interviewed by Ben Kaplan of the National Post (Nov. 3/11).

The singer said had an existential crisis and asked herself  if what she was doing was not “pure vanity.”

She said she stashed her stuff, “…rented a truck, put my grand piano in the back and went into the forest and lived there for four months in the spirit of  ‘I’m waiting for direction because I give up on everything.'”

It was in 2005 and the singer had been told many things about how to run her career by many people and I guess it got confusing so she quit for a while to  paint, read books and write music.

When Slean emerged, she told Kaplan:

“Everything in my life took an upward swing–I fell in love…I graduated university, I mended fences. I felt such peace…Finally I know what I want to do.”

She’s 36 now so her mini-crisis occurred about eight years ago.

We all have these crises and they don’t have to occur in mid-life (which by the way, some authorities are saying is anywhere around the mid-thirties!)

Our first job in life is to know who we are and find out what it is we want from life.

If we don’t ever do that…and many people never do it… we wind up with an accidental life.


“The unexamined life is not worth living,” said Socrates and it’s true.

Slean is like many Canadian performers who are not in the mega-star category (unlike say, Diana Krall, Celine Dion, or k.d. Lang).

In terms of public awareness she’s more like Emilie Claire Barlow, Jill Barker or Kathleen Edwards, all excellent performers who have their own dedicated audiences.

She is classically trained musician and that’s plainly seen on her website videos (

But she has a pop quality too: different, mature, funny and engaging.

Slean has a new double CD set called Land and Sea. I heard a great song from it the other day called Attention Archers. There are several versions of it on You Tube. 

Some of the music on her site on on her CDs  might strike you as unusual but  that’s the idea-Try several–you’ll like them!

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