Colleges help students get started in careers

Colleges  and universities help students get started in careers.

The job market stinks for grads but many colleges and universities n0w offer assistance to students so they can get a glimpse of “the real world.”


ryerson_digital_media_zone_lab.jpg.size.xxlarge.letterbox                                                                      (Pawel Dwulit/Toronto Star photo)

Education writer Louise Brown explains in her article in The Toronto Star.

“From start-up incubators … to programs that include a stint in a real workplace, higher education — even in some esoteric liberal arts fields — is putting a growing emphasis on teaching students to be their own boss.”


Whether it is the practice or business of music or art, or launching inventions, students can get an inside look at many kinds of work.

Ms Brown’s piece shows how Toronto colleges such as Seneca and Humber, and universities such as York do it.

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