5 Benefits of Books for Kids ( You might not know about!)

5 benefits of books for kids you might not have thought of. Parents who read to their children see the kid reap the benefits. Yes they have  bigger vocabularies but they also read more, write more, are more curious, and become better students. But more than that, children also gain some incredible … [Read more...]

20 ways parents can identify “at-risk” students

At risk students--20 ways parents can identify them. NOTE: This is appearing shortly after the suicide of Robin Williams. SELF-HARM Not all at-risk students are at-risk of self-harm or suicide but there are connections and similarities. And one in five students DO harm themselves. This is … [Read more...]

How to be a success like Genie Bouchard.

Genie Bouchard: secrets of a successful person Genie Bouchard, Wimbledon junior champion 2 years ago at 18. Wimbledon finalist at 20 this year. Why she's a success and how you can be too. SELF-CONFIDENCE First she is completely self-confident. When she goes out on the tennis court she expects to … [Read more...]

SELF-CONFIDENCE. Is being insecure an advantage in dating?

IS BEING INSECURE AN ADVANTAGE IN DATING?  Maybe, says recent research. However, many aren’t buying the study’s results.  Are you more likely to get dates if you are self-confident or insecure? This seems like a no-brainer, right? Conventional wisdom says self-confidence is a key in dating (as in … [Read more...]