Google hires, college and you. An unusal mix

Google hires, college and you.

Why Google hires people who may not have gone to college and if they did, they didn’t “ace” it.

Do you have to go to college to succeed?

NO. Not always.

But it is a credentialist society and it can’t hurt with companies that are unimaginative. And in some fields (medicine, engineering etc., you do.

Unless you are a really helpful witch doctor, say.

Or an Aztec.

Will going to a “good” school” help?

Sometimes, for the same reasons.

But there’s lots of evidence to indicate that going to a secondary or tertiary institution gives you a better shot in several ways. (Topic for another day.)

Some organizations, such as Google, appear to take a different approach. It’s sure working for them.

Read the three things Google looks for when hiring.

The article is on Policy Mic and it’s by Zach Cheney-Rice.

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The usual approach doesn’t work for everybody.

That’s why we have the word “unusual.”

That’s why we have  DROPOUT TO DEAN’S LIST

I’m here to help.

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