College Dropout Rates in the U.S. are bad

College Dropout Rates in the U.S. are bad and there is no hope in sight for many. BUT THERE IS FOR YOU  Jordan Weissman, writing in Slate gives us an update on America's awful college dropout rates. It's something I've been writing about a lot here, on Dropout to Dean's List. The research is from … [Read more...]


DROPOUT TO DEAN'S LIST A DIVISION OF SELF-KNOWLEDGE COLLEGE ( Note: we are in the middle of changing this page. The gift I promise you will be available asap as soon as we integrate it with this page.)   My name is Frank Daley If you have a problem with school  that is driving you crazy... If … [Read more...]

5 Tips From School To Help You Keep Progressing As An Adult

Read, write, listen, talk--put them together and they add up to thinking. 1. Attend class. Not only are students in their 50s and 60s becoming more common in college classrooms these days, but there are also a range of classes suited specifically for them. Colleges, art galleries and museums also … [Read more...]

Why Are Colleges Getting So Expensive?

These are U.S figures but the annual average cost of tuition in Canada is probably pretty close. People like to ask why "college" is getting so expensive, but they need a better question. There are almost 7,000 accredited colleges and universities in the U.S., from public community colleges, to … [Read more...]

This is America’s Math, Science, and Reading Report Card. And It Sucks.

This is true, alarming, devastating and untenable. While worse for the U.S. it is indefensible for Canadians too. There is simply no need for this nonsense to continue at this scale. Our children can't read, write or do math. It is ridiculous and sad. At Dropout to Dean's List I'll teach students … [Read more...]