Curse of the Ottawa: A free paranormal short story for you!

 Curse of the Ottawa! A Free short story. HERE’S A WELCOME GIFT TO MY AUTHOR PAGE! Hi folks! As a subscriber to either Self-Knowledge College and The Daley Post (and perhaps or Dropout to Dean's List), you are familiar with some of my non-fiction writing and maybe one or two of my … [Read more...]

How to promote your book. Free book, free process!

FREE UNTIL JAN 30TH ON AMAZON! Writers, here's my book on how to promote your work free on Facebook author and reader group sites. The book is free. The process is free and it's stress-free! OK, you have to do a little work!   But all it takes is your time to promote your … [Read more...]

The Self, Part 9: Whatever you do, don’t be yourself!

Don't be yourself, whatever you do.  This is Part 9 in a series of articles about the "Self." Some years ago, I saw a funny New Yorker cartoon. A middle aged-couple is standing in front of the door to a house. They have arrived at a friend’s house for dinner. He is about to knock and the wife says … [Read more...]

The Self Part 6: SELFISHNESS. Always wrong? Or can it be a form of self-preservation?

Is selfishness always wrong? Are there good kinds of selfishness? Can it be a form of self-preservation? Does it depend on our definition of selfishness? This is part 8 in our series on the Self and its meaning. Before we come to any conclusions regarding conventional wisdom, let’s look at … [Read more...]

The Self Part 3: Be Yourself, Everybody else is taken.

This is Part 3 in a series of articles about the “Self.” ARE YOU YOU? (I MEAN THE REAL YOU AND NOT AN IMPOSTER OF SOME KIND?) Do you even know if you are? Have you thought about it lately? Self-Knowledge’ is crucial to determining who we are and what we want on earth. It doesn’t … [Read more...]


GET SOME F**KING SLEEP! I think many people say that to themselves! 70% of people are sleep-deprived Does that include you? How can you get rest when there seem to be so many causes of sleeplessness including stress, anxiety, and illness? Sleep problems can be physically, emotionally or … [Read more...]

ABOUT Self-Knowledge College

My name is Frank Daley. I’m the founder of Self-Knowledge College and the editor and publisher of The Daley Post. I can help you know yourself so you can change your life (if you think it needs to change.) Self-Knowledge will make you more successful in your personal, academic and professional … [Read more...]