Sleep problems? Get less than six hours? You are slowly killing yourself.

Many people have sleep problems of one kind or another. When I was younger I didn't have a problem sleeping. I just didn't do it much. I used to hate going to bed.  In college I slept 5 hours a night. I loved what I was doing and I hated to stop.  I also was extremely aware of how important time was.  But new studies indicate that under sleeping OR over sleeping isn't good. Research published in the academic journal Sleep showing that the risk of high blood pressure is more than … [Read more...]

Ignore my supposed “message” from Turkey

A couple of people have called me today saying that they received an email or text from me asking for money. This is NOT from me. It's one of those things that happen. Some "bot"(robot) somehow was able to send those. I have changed all my passwords so it should stop. (I Hope!) I apologize! I just saw sounds like I'm in Turkey or something! Yikes! … [Read more...]



HOW TO SLEEP WELL AND START THE DAY RESTED By Frank Daley Trouble sleeping? How can you get rested when there seem to be so many causes of sleeplessness including stress, anxiety, and illness? A lack of sleep inevitably leads to illness, loss of energy, poor self-esteem, and low self-confidence. SLEEPLESSNESS THREE MAIN CAUSES Sleep problems can be physically, emotionally or chemically-based. FOUR MAIN "CURES" Treatments are either chemical, behavioral, psychological or a … [Read more...]


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