How much time have you got to live? What are you going to do with it?



Afraid of time running out?

Afraid of time running out?

You can’t know the future but you can know yourself. That will help you manage the future more successfully.

You can find out here. Sort of.

We don’t know what is in store for us this year, this month or this day.

We can’t know, and, aside from taking care of ourselves as well as possible, there isn’t anything we can do to improve our chances of  finding out.
We CAN get a kind of actuarial guesstimate.
In North America, people used to live until their early 70s thirty or forty years ago.
In 2012, men live to about an average of 80+ years or so and women live a few years longer than that.

If you are 65 and male have had no serious health issues you could live to be 90+! Longer, if you are female.

That’s all great as long as you’re healthy.

I have a 91 year-old aunt who lives on her own, (knows all her medicines-both the generic and Latin versions!) and she still has a sharp mind and a strong memory.

I have a 100-year old friend of my deceased mother, who lives in a retirement home but practically runs the joint and went to my sister’s for Christmas dinner.

She loves people, activity, going out to dinner and has a low tolerance for business.

She had a sign on her private room door for a while that informed the nurses or staff  members as to how to behave:

“Don’t come in every 5 minutes during the night to see if I’m dead.
You’ll wake me up.
If I die during the night, I’ll still be dead in the morning.”

(I think they made her take the sign down because it unnerved the other residents.

But they don’t bother her during the night any more.)

If you are curious (and brave)(or just being silly!) and want to get an idea of how much longer you are going to be here – from an actuarial/guesstimate standpoint – here are two sites to check out.

In each case, you put in your basic information – not much – and press a button. The first site is called The Death Clock (well, this isn’t for scary cats!)

This site is OK, except that the BMI  (Body Mass Index) section didn’t quite work for me.

The second site is Death Date (isn’t this fun?!)

I’m not trying to frighten you, but death is part of life and most of us don’t think about it much.

Thinking about death occasionally focuses the mind!

If you get a thrill, a scare, or a reminder from this little humorous exercise, just think about your life.

Where you are now and where you are going?

You’ll go a lot better and a lot further and you’ll enjoy the ride more if you know who you are and what you want out of life.

If you know yourself.

If you think you are not going in right direction, start learning more about yourself.

I’m behind you.

(Not with a sickle or anything!)

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