ABOUT Self-Knowledge College

My name is Frank Daley.

I’m the founder of Self-Knowledge College and the editor and publisher of The Daley Post.

I can help you know yourself so you can change your life (if you think it needs to change.)

Self-Knowledge will make you more successful in your personal, academic and professional life. Simple as that.

We all want to be better in some ways but it’s hard to get time for ourselves — even if we knew what things to focus on.

You might think

• Where do I start? (I’ll show you.)
• How long will it take? (Not long. 12 weeks, max. Some things immediately.)

• Will I like the changes? (Yes, you certainly will!)
If you have a problem and you don’t know what it is and you can’t solve it, then you will benefit from spending some time here with me.

I offer you free information on how to help solve things that torture us:
• procrastination
• time management
• goal-setting
• stress-reduction
• figuring out what kind of work we are best-suited for
• figuring out what kind of work we would would be happiest doing.

That kind of thing.

One of the biggest problems people have is finding a person to love who loves them back. I can show you how to find a good man or woman. No B.S.

Many people say,

“I’m smart. I’m a good person. Why is it that I constantly pick the wrong people to date (or marry)?”

Millions share this problem. Why?
Because they don’t know themselves well enough to make the right choice about a mate. And they get hurt. Sadly this will never stop unless they learn to know themselves.

It requires knowing yourself well enough to know what you need and want in a mate. And, frankly, knowing what you don’t want and need!

We do not want more breakups and broken marriages.

So, we’d better find out what we’re doing wrong, yes? So,

• If you have had trouble choosing a mate or,
• If you’ve got a problem deciding on a career
• If you do not know what you want to be when you grow up (!)
• If you can’t say “no” to people
• If you are a procrastinator
• If you never know where the time goes

You’ll find this site helpful.

If you’d like more information on these topics, join me and receive my gift to you, a free Ebook called
Four Questions to Change Your Life.

It’s from my core book “’WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?’  The way to know yourself and change your life.”

It suggests you ask yourself four key questions about your life. Maybe you don’t need this site. In a way, I hope you don’t. That’s a good thing. You’ll know for sure as soon as you read this little book.

After you read it, you might not be able to look at life, or your place in it, the same way ever again.

But that’s a good thing too! You can’t lose!
Join me and start receiving many good things.

Not least of them an introduction to the best of you.

I’ll be with you.


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