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Self-Knowledge College (operating as Self-Knowledge College, Dropout to Dean’s List or The Daley Post) has a general 30-day full money-back guarantee from date of purchase on its products. There may be different guarantees for special products, courses and services and each will be clearly evident in any purchase agreement for such products and services.

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This is the only warranty on our site. Any outside correspondence (either written or verbal) does not increase the scope of this warranty.


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Of course, when you buy a product or service, you are completely free to use it or download it. We’re really only discussing unlawful use in this section! Some brief use of the material is also permitted by students, journalists or private parties who want to quote or refer to specific content. Source citation is always required. We’d appreciate a note saying you that you are using it, the purpose for which you are using it and whether you liked it. Or Not! If you find errors or omissions, please tell us and we’ll fix them!

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