Free community college for students? Maybe not. Maybe with strings.

FREE COMMUNITY COLLEGE FOR STUDENTS? MAYBE NOT. Maybe with strings attached. Further to the Obama idea of providing free education to college students,  Carol J. Carter has some excellent points in The Huffington Post. The piece was co-written by Sarah Lyman Kravits and Maureen Breeze. The … [Read more...]

5 Benefits of Books for Kids ( You might not know about!)

5 benefits of books for kids you might not have thought of. Parents who read to their children see the kid reap the benefits. Yes they have  bigger vocabularies but they also read more, write more, are more curious, and become better students. But more than that, children also gain some incredible … [Read more...]

A Cheaper, More Effective Way to Train Teachers?

A Cheaper, More Effective Way to Train Teachers? Two writers in The Atlantic, William Egar, a teacher and Master's candidate, and Michael Zuckerman, a writer, confirm what research suggests: the huge expense of training teachers the way we do now (in the U.S.  at least) bears little … [Read more...]

How to Get More Early Bloomers in kid’s Ed.

How to get more early bloomers in children's education. Many kids never reach their full potential. Many who do, start indicating prowess early. A good preschool could mean different things, safety maybe, but that should be a given. Or it could get disadvantaged children ready to learn reading … [Read more...]

Teachers Tell Us How to Fix Science and Math

There was some good news today for New York City high school students interested in computers--the city's Department of Education announced it would spend $1 million in public and private money to train 120 teachers in computer science and coding. Dozens of new computer science classes taught by … [Read more...]


OTHER POST-SECONDARY EDUCATION Not everybody should go to college and we'll show you other possibilities--good ones!-- in non-academic courses. Courses you may be happy to discover, enroll in and pursue profitably. Other post-secondary institutions teach everything from trades, to cooking, from … [Read more...]