DDL is for at-risk students and their parents

We are a small group of people with experience and skill in helping students go from being a potential (or actual) school dropout to getting on the dean’s list at college.

The students we can help are those in any kind of post-secondary training or education. We can also help senior high school students. We take on students who have failed at any kind of school: high school, college, university, etc.). We take on students who are thinking of dropping out or who have dropped out or whose grades are terrible or whose attitude has been worse. We DO teach communication: reading, writing, listening and speaking, but we don’t give you anything for it except skill at the things you need to succeed in life.

We also give you a renewed (or new) confidence in your ability to be a successful student. We help students figure out who they are, what they want and how to get there. We teach students how to learn to know themselves so they can make smart, correct decisions about which program to enter in college or any other kind of post-secondary field of study or training. We teach students to discover their talents, abilities gifts and strengths. And we ask them to identify and acknowledge their weak areas as well.

We advise them to play to their strengths and minimize their weakness through co-operation. We show them how to bring their basic weakness up to a workable knowledge or competence level and then concentrate on their strengths. We can take students who failed the previous term and turn them into B or even A students in one semester.

We guarantee our results–IF the students do what we ask of them.

How We Help

We help by giving student a sense of themselves–who they are as people. We get them to know themselves and discover their gifts, talent, abilities and strengths.

We help them learn how to be excellent students. We can best provide a permanent change in the student through a 12-week course that prepares the student for college (or whatever post-secondary educational institution he or she prefers) but more importantly, for life.

DDL History & Founder

DDL a division of SELF-KNOWLEDGE COLLEGE , which helps people improve themselves through a combination of self-development, positive psychology self-help, street-smarts and common sense.

The founder and director of Dropout to Dean’s List is Frank Daley, who has spent more than 40 years, in various capacities, working with students at colleges and universities in Canada and the United States.

He has an M.A. from Northwestern University in Chicago and did post graduate work in psychology and film at the University of Milan, Italy.

His book is WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? The way to know yourself and get what you want, and the accompanying student workbook, are both used extensively in the work we do here.

Register with us for a basic membership to Dropout to Dean’s List. Registration allows you access to all our free materials as we build them. You can become a better student in just a few weeks.