CURSE of the Ottawa–a gift to welcome you to my fiction site–a short story

The Curse of the Ottawa, a free story for you!

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Curse of the Ottawa 
A short story.
A Frenchman killed an Algonquin Indian about two hundred years ago by drowning him in the Ottawa River.
A tribal sorceress put a curse on the killer saying one member of his family would die in the river for each of the next ten generations.
Do you believe it?
It was an argument over who owned some land. The white man said it belonged to him and he had a piece of paper that ‘proved’ it. 
That was nonsense, of course, a lie, but that’s the way we treated the native people in Canada and the U.S for centuries.  
The Algonquin had no written language so they could not read the piece of paper but it didn’t  matter; it was a fraud. This kind of thing, in a different way, is still going on.
The chief said the land did not belong to anyone. He said the rocks, trees, rivers, lakes, grass, sky, moon, and stars belonged to no one. 
He said the tribe had been there first but that they would share these things. 
But he did not accept that the land, or this river, was owned by anyone.
It was an ancestor of mine who killed the chief’s son.


The sorceress’s curse has been carried out.

  • Would you believe it if several of generations each suffered a death in the river?
  • Would you believe it if it happened to your family?
  • Would you believe it if it happened to you?

A curse in the 21st century?

No way.

Call it by another name, then?  A hex, jinx, bane, scourge, nemesis?
No? Still too weird an idea to buy?
How about a torment, an affliction, an evil charm, a magic spell? 
You don’t believe it.
I don’t blame you.
That’s what I thought too.
I was wrong.
Dead wrong. 
The curse of the Ottawa could happen to you.
It doesn’t have to be the Ottawa River.
It does not even have to be a river.
Family members could still die.
I know the curse is true.
My family did die.
It could happen to your family too.
That story will come to you immediately.  
More to come after that! 
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