Curse of the Ottawa: A free paranormal short story for you!

 Curse of the Ottawa!

A Free short story.


Hi folks!

As a subscriber to either Self-Knowledge College and The Daley Post (and perhaps or Dropout to Dean’s List), you are familiar with some of my non-fiction writing and maybe one or two of my books.

As you know, I have written non-fiction chiefly centered on Self-Knowledge and how to be more successful in your academic, personal, and professional life.

NOW, I’d like to introduce you to my fiction.

I’ve put it on my new author page which will carry both my fiction and non-fiction books.

This marks the first of my fiction work.

Well, not exactly.

I have written a novella and a novel, as well, but frankly, I have not had the resources or time to promote them, so I put them on the back burner.


When you put a book on Amazon,  you have no way of knowing who saw it, who bought it, where they are, if they liked it, might they be interested in more of your work, etc.


You can’t contact them, set up a relationship with them, or become acquaintances or friends or supporters or anything.

That’s why we have to create a site where we can connect with our readers.

I’m starting by offering you this short story as a gift so you can join me and see if you like the fiction that I’ll be publishing.


I’m not sure what category Curse falls into.

It’s a paranormal, historical, urban fantasy –if that makes any sense –but apparently paranormal material DOES NOT make any sense in the traditional use of the word!

Why would it?

That’s because it is deliberately otherworldly. (Wooooo!)

It deals with subjects that are not normal or they deal with real topics in an abnormal way.

All of which may be true but sometimes we get a feeling that there are other dimensions, other than the ones we deal with every day.

And while we believe ourselves to be rational, there are times when we think or feel that there is something else in play.

  • That somebody or something is in the air.
  • Things happen for no apparent reason.
  • Something we can’t explain.

…but we know it happens, or at least we feel it does.

Here’s a short description of the story.


Curse of the Ottawa is a short story about a man who cheated a band of Algonquin Indians 200 years ago in a fraudulent land dispute.

He then killed the chief’s son by drowning him in the Ottawa River.

A tribal sorceress put a curse on the killer saying one member of his family would die in the river for each of the next ten generations.

The man scoffed and took the land.

But has the sorceress’s hex been carried out?

I know the curse is true

My family did die.

The killer was a distant relative.

The curse of the Ottawa could happen to you.

It doesn’t have to be the Ottawa River.

It doesn’t even have to be a river.

Be careful; but first, find out what happened.

Get Curse of the Ottawa Free!

Click below!

It won’t take you long to read it!

(OK, you know that it’s the story’s narrator’s family that suffered the deaths, not me, right?)

Novel Ideas:

When you click here you’ll be directed to my author page, NOVEL IDEAS. Thereafter I’ll send you some notices, books, articles, etc.

I’ll be sending you more free stuff, including a short story tentatively called Changes which I am editing.

Then, a novella called Murder in Moscow: The Oblast Court Trial.  

It’s a courtroom drama set in the USSR  base on a true case in recent history.

Stick with it a while, at least you get another story and the second free book, Murder in Moscow: The Oblast Court Trial.

You can opt out at any time.


I hope you’ll join me for my fiction work!



Curse of the Ottawa



Novel Ideas:

I hope you like  CURSE!


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