An apology and an explanation

I want to apologize for not posting for quite a while.

I have moved from Caledon, Ontario, which is near Toronto, to Waterloo, Ontario, a city about 100 km south of Caledon.

The move was the first in about 25 years and necessitated divesting myself of 1,200 books and 37 bookcases along with the usual household stuff.

The process of selling the house took less than a week.

The process of dispersing the books and bookcases took almost five months.

While we were doing that, we were searching for a house in the other city which meant three trips a week to see houses, dealing with Gracie, the dog, and checking out houses online.

We looked at 480 houses online. 480!

And made about 40 visits to potential houses in Waterloo and vicinity.

The reason for all that was that we sold in the middle of a spring house price insanity in and around the southern Ontario region the likes of which hadn’t been seen since about 1982/3.

Houses were selling for unheard of prices. We didn’t plan it to happen that way; we were fortunate our desire to move coincided with the price rise. Of course, that meant we had to pay more than we might otherwise have done in the new city. All the looking took great care and time.

Then our new (old) house was in need of much repair and renovation. We were fortunate again to find a rental, which we were in for another four months. We moved this week to the new house, which is still under renovation. Why the renovations?

Well, we checked out new houses in the outskirts of the city, but they were, most of them, for families with young children. That was fine in theory, but there were no older families, no trees, no yards, no local amenities. They were unsuitable.

All of this took enormous amounts of time and effort. For example, you don’t just walk into a room, see a large bookcase, and decide dot get rid of all the books on the shelves. Each book must be examined to see whether it can be sold, given to universities or colleges (in my case), or passed to friends and family or other interested parties.

(I’ll tell you about that adventure another time. Let’s just say, for now, that books are not easy to send away and I wasn’t about to trash them. I sent away 37 bookcases and their books. I have many more of each.

Then we had the renovations. My wife handled most of that, acting as the general contractor but it still took a lot of my time.

The renovations as I say, continue, and now I have to unpack all the books and papers that I retained. As a writer and teacher over 50 years, I have plenty. So that’ll take a few more months.

Anyway, I am back to work –partially—and I’ll tell you more about that shortly!

Thanks for your patience.


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