How to be a success like Genie Bouchard

Secrets of success: Genie Bouchard

Genie Bouchard

Genie Bouchard Earned success

Wimbledon junior champion 2 years ago at 18. 
Wimbledon finalist at 20 this year.
Why she’s a success and how you can be too.

Here are a few critical success keys.


First she is completely self-confident. 
When she goes out on the tennis court she expects to win. Mostly, she does.
This self-confidence didn’t happen yesterday. 
It grew as she did, from childhood. 
That’s where it usually begins. 
But it can come later.  Self-confidence and self-esteem comes from knowing yourself and what you can do.


Second, she is herself. She knows herself. She was called the next Carling Basset, the next Canadian tennis hope.

This month she broke Canadian records almost every time she took the court and interviewers kept reminding her of what new record she had set.

Finally, she was exasperated and said “I don’t want to be the next some one else. I want to be the first of me…I’ll try to make my own history.”
She’s a success on her own terms. Knowing yourself gives you the guidelines of what you can do.
And she did and she will continue to.


Third, she believes in herself. 
She goes through rough training never asking quarter but always asking for an explanation of why such and such a task will help her. When her coach explains, she sees the justification, accepts it, and does it. You must believe in yourself but the belief can’t be blind–it must based solidly on self-knowledge


Fourth, she is aggressive on the court. She plays better when she is challenged. She does not flinch when she is behind.

When she was nine, she beat 12-year olds and that opened her eyes, she  said, “to what I could do.” 
She has a twin sister who, she says,  “…is normal. I’m abnormal.” 
Yes, she is, but not in a way others can’t be.  
If you know yourself and believe in yourself almost anything is possible. 

YOU CAN BE LIKE HER–successful

Genie Bouchard, successful tennis player.

Genie Bouchard concentrating

And if you get to really know yourself, your gifts, talents and abilities, you can turn them into skills and you can be successful too.  
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