Some years ago, I saw a great New Yorker cartoon.

The New Yorker is a wonderful weekly, of course, and there are many exceptional articles in  each issue but the cartoons alone are worth the price of the magazine.

A middle aged-couple is standing in front of the door to a house.

They have arrived at a friend’s house for dinner.

He is about to knock and the wife says to her husband,

“Whatever you do, please don’t be yourself tonight.”


Well, she knows him, I guess, as married people do. Maybe he knows himself too, but it isn’t likely.

 When we  know ourselves better, we find out things we don’t always like. That’s OK, none of us is perfect. (And the couple in the cartoon is still married!)

Mostly, however, we learn things that we do like.

We also discover things that we suspected about ourselves but never verified.

That’s why so many people take up new things in mid-life (art, music, or leaving a corporate job to start a small business).

We wonder how it is that we didn’t know those things about ourselves when we were younger. After all, we all know many things about ourselves. You know, for example, what kind of food you prefer, what kind of books, movies, plays or games you like.

You’ve known for decades if you are a morning person or a night owl.

That stuff is easy. You learned that by repetition, habit, and observation.

But there’s lots we don’t know.

How could we have missed truly important things about ourselves that perhaps our spouse or mate knows, or our family or friends know, but we do not?

We didn’t pay enough attention to them when we were younger, perhaps.

Or, we kind of remember that we were interested in certain things but we dismissed them as not important.

Or, we didn’t even know about them so that we could pay attention to them.

Maybe nobody recognized some of our talents and gifts when we were children. They were never developed.

Life is complicated. You have talents never recognized,  let alone nurtured.

If you are feeling dissatisfied with important areas of your life such as work, r personal or family relationships or even your most significant partner relationship,  then it’s time to figure out what the hell is going wrong.

Part of the reason you are in the wrong place or the wrong job or with the wrong  person is because you don’t know the real You yet.

Not well enough anyway.

It’s time to find out.

I’m preparing something for you to help you do it.

For more information about yourself,  call me  for a frer 20 minute consultation.

with you.



DO IT YOURSELF: KNOW YOURSELF. Are you You? Do you even know YOURSELF?

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  1. Barbara Muir says:

    Love the piece on time management, and the, “please
    don’t be yourself” quote. Funny. The list is magic.
    No list, no life. My mantra.

    I do six things, which actually turn into 10, or even 20.
    But that is the best way to get things done, remember them and feel accomplished (which raises your self esteem) as you cross them off.


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