There is no time. We never have enough. Most people fail at time management for all kinds of reasons. (Too busy is one!)  But help is at hand!

Try this. LISTING. It curbs procrastination. It saves time and increases productivity. And you’ll get immediate results!

Some people don’t like making lists. I do. I think it’s crucial.

There are many kinds of lists but here’s the one you need to make every day of your business or personal life to increase you chances of success.

This fast Listing technique will save you time, energy, and stress.

You’ll manage time better and your work will be superior.

You’ll reduce procrastination, which is like money in the bank!


1. At the end of every day, write down the five most important things you need to work on the next morning. It doesn’t matter if its your personal or work life. (You should proably make two lists, one for personal things and one for work, but you don’t have to.)

Do the things on your list in priority order, No 1 being the most important, the most crucial.

2. Next morning, work on No 1 until you can’t work on it any more – for whatever reason – no access to required information, inability to contact the person you need to speak to, a broken computer,  a killer hangover, whatever.

3. Then work on No 2. Do the same thing. Work on it until you are stopped by external forces… not by your fears, distractions or snacks. This time management strategy will startle you with its immediate beneficial results.

4. Continue in this way until you have worked on all 5 items. Work on each one until you can’t accomplish any more with it.

5. Move on to lesser tasks.

That’s it. No six weeks to learn it. Oh, it may take you a few days to incorporate it into your routine automatically, but really, you should be able to do this overnight.

Can this regime be broken? NO.

OK, YES, BUT only for these two reasons.


1. IF you have a pressing, critical problem (you need to see a dentist right now!; the baby is crying; you just spilled coffee on your pants).

2. IF there are a few little, tiny, wee, matters to deal with:  (a couple of brief–semi-urgent–phone calls, a bathroom visit, or lunch. (You can often eat at your desk unless you NEVER take breaks, in which case you need to take a break.) Do these little tasks all on a break.

That’s it.


  • No MSN
  • No emails
  • No texting
  • No Googling
  • No phone calls
  • No newspapers,
  • No-online reading
  • No joke opening from friends
  • No checking out the “best travel deal to Mexico”
  • No social media – Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter –  etc.
  • Nothing.
  • Niente.
  • Nada.

OK, so.

To employ this time management strategy, do this LISTING with the 5-points every day. Top five things. Spend as much time on each one sequentially, as you can, before you are stopped by external forces. Stopped by life, not by you.

Move to the next one.

Repeat the next day. This is crucial.

Do this every day. Call me in a month for praise. (I’m not kidding!) You’ll have time because you’ll have improved your time managment significantly.

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